His Hope, Our Anchor

His Hope, Our Anchor

A tragic series of events in our town has temporarily closed the doors to our little boutique. Being a brand new business who has already been forced to close due to COVID, and was JUST starting to rebuild from that, now sits empty and boarded up due to the unrest our city endured. Our hearts are heavy, yet filled with so much hope, that He who began a good work is faithful to complete it.


As I write, I’m currently back in Haiti. We are preparing to open for a new school year on September 7, 2020. This will be our second year in operation since we opened our doors September 9, 2019. The excitement and anticipation is so evident in the community. We had the privilege to sit down with multiple family’s to ask them what this school (Sorbonne Christian Academy) has done personally for their children. Every single one spoke of the HOPE this has brought. One parent referred to the school as a beacon of light in the community. One father welled up with tears explaining the blessing this is for his son. He said because of this school, his son will have a very different life than he had. (The father had no formal education, and currently tends a small garden that brings in $5-$8 dollars a week to provide for his family.) THAT WAS NOT A TYPO. Five – Eight dollars per week.


Several mothers said (almost word for word) the exact same things. They also said their children have been to another “school” but never even learned how to read or write in the years they were there. Within ONE year at our school, she was reading AND writing! When I asked 8 year old Paulina what her favorite part of going to our school was…. “being able to write my name, and my dads’ name.”


The importance of education in any country is vital, however the importance of education to an impoverished county like Haiti can truly be the difference between life or death. Education has the ability to break the cycle of poverty. I simply can not put enough emphasis on that.

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As we begin to put our store back together again, our hearts are more determined then ever before to continue on, work hard and spread the word far and wide that these children and families absolutely DO exist. These families are counting on the sales made at our boutique, to help further the vision of Operation Outpour. Whether you have purchased our fair trade coffee, chocolate, artwork, jewelry, baskets or pottery… we thank you for your support in our mission and look forward to serving you again VERY soon!

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