Buy A Brick, Build A Future

September 9, 2019 our nonprofit Operation Outpour opened a school in a very rural part of Haiti to our first 43 students. It was a challenging school year to say the least. In the fall of 2019 riots broke out all across Haiti due to political unrest. Because of the danger of the riots, schools and many other businesses had to shut down. Things slowly began to subside by early 2020 with the children back at school – then comes COVID.


We opened our first four classrooms for kindergarten through third grade in the fall of 2019, with the plan (and full intention) of adding a second floor for the fall of 2020. In total, these eight classrooms will allow 200 children in this rural community to receive a high quality education, a meal, and access to medical care. Due to COVID all of our fundraising came to a screeching halt. In April we created an online fundraiser, Buy A Brick-Build A Future, and we are currently halfway to our goal. WE NEED HELP! We need people just like you, that says, even though I can’t do everything, I refuse to do nothing. You can find the link to donate a tax deductible gift of ANY amount right on our Operation Outpour Facebook page. You can also follow our journey as progress continues, see some of the children who are able to attend school for the first time, and be encouraged that you are making a difference in a child’s life. We would LOVE the opportunity to share more about our mission and the difference this school is making in so many lives… not only the children, but the jobs that are being created in the community where the average income is $10-$15 per week. Yes, you read that right. Per week. If you’re interested in more information please contact us, reach out to us on Facebook, or in person at Outpour Fairtrade Boutique at 7619 Sheridan Rd (across from Chester Electronic) Wednesday through Saturday. Together we can do so much.

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