I recently returned from Haiti for the grand opening of our second school year! What an amazing time to see the children show up for school in their sweet little uniforms (some for the first time EVER, even as an older child.) The excitement was palpable.

Education is vital. Especially in third world countries like Haiti. Families will actually choose education (tuition) over proper nutrition (quality food). I’ve met 15-year-old kids that can’t read or write. Will never be able to read a label on a package, or be able to sign a document. Without education, you have no possibility for a job that would pay a living wage, thus, the poverty cycle would continue on to the next generation.
Our school, Sorbonne Christian Acadamy, strives to be the change for families in the community of Mirebalais, Haiti. The majority of the children and families we serve live in mud huts, and there only source of income is very simple basic gardening that generates LESS THAN $10 PER WEEK. In September I had the privilege to sit down with some of these families and ask them personally what this school coming to this community has meant. One father, with tears in his eyes, simply said “Hope”. I don’t know about you, but I want to be a part of bringing hope to people in desperate situations. Whether that’s 2000 miles away in the mountains of Haiti, or right in my own backyard through being involved in the foster care community and those they serve. No one is exempt to serve! Young and old alike.

What CAN you do to bring hope? Glad you asked! I have two very specific ways you can start! Operation Outpour is a 501(c)3 nonprofit I started ten years ago. We recently launched our sponsorship program to support our kids and families in Haiti. It costs $50 per month to give a child education, a daily meal, ongoing school supplies, uniforms and an annual physical with one of our physicians. You can learn more HERE.
Another wonderful way to help out is through 1HOPE right here in Kenosha. They are a local 501(c)3 nonprofit who work in wrap around support for foster families. Volunteers provide mentorship to kids in foster care, meals for the family, gift cards for items needed or a restaurant, simple house cleaning or yard work and the list goes on! You can go to 1HOPE.community and choose foster care – volunteer.

Look for ways to serve and bring hope to others. I promise it’s always worth it.

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